Olivia Williams

Olivia Williams - Social Butterfly

The newest member of the team, Olivia is proving herself invaluable! She works behind the scenes on our website content and marketing, keeping our day to day running smoothly… A long-term local, she knows the coast and forest really well and on days off can usually be found down at the beach.

Helping us go-green...

How do NFE’s social & environmental goals align with you & your job role?

As a Social Butterfly on the marketing team, I do a lot of research into ways that we can encourage our guests to choose greener ways to enjoy their stay here in the New Forest. From sharing information on local events, suppliers and produce; through to creating maps of zero-waste food stockists and eco-concious travel options, I pass our findings on through social media posts, mailers and blog updates.

On a personal level, I am pescatarian, only eating local fish (there are lots of suppliers!) and thoroughly enjoy researching the local vegan, veggie and local menus to help review first-hand!

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