Homes Wanted

We are seriously short of good accommodation

The staycation industry has never looked so good!

But that does mean that this boom means demand is outstripping supply, and so for that reason we are seriously short of good houses – of all shapes and sizes.

There are lots of reasons people rent their second or main home out…

Going away for a while? Want help paying for family holidays? Need a new mortgage? Or need help paying one off? Want to make your tax situation work harder? Want more options for inheritance tax?

Ask us for a free house review

As an independent and flexible business, who love what we do, we’re never happier than when owners call us up to arrange for us to see their unique and eclectic homes in and around the New Forest.

We are happy to share our passion and go through the detail of what it takes to make a holiday let work – from style and set up, to financials and pricing.

Having been in the business a while now, we’ll give you an honest opinion and try to help with your specific situation.


Next steps

So, if you have a property in the New Forest that your are looking to earn an income from then why not just have an initial discussion with us about what you are looking for.

Whether you have a full time holiday rental and want to get a better return from your letting agents or if you have a second home that could do with earning its keep,

Contact us today to have a chat on 01590 462005 or email me at [email protected]