Longer Term Rentals

We are often asked for longer term house rentals. Perhaps you’re moving house, have a local relative who is ill, are working in the area etc.

Many of our owners are open to longer rentals. This is usually in the quieter winter months.

Our houses are produced to a very high standard. All are furnished. So we cannot usually match the High Street rental agents when comparing month on per month pricing. Unlike them however, we can do any length of short term rentals, from 2 weeks onwards and we can be more flexible.

If you are enquiring about a property that already has some bookings in already, (for example Christmas, which would interrupt a 4 month winter rental) so long as you are prepared to move out for that time, then we are happy to consider your booking.


  • Longer stays can be taken during COVID lockdowns if you fall into the exemptions lists, such as: moving house, need for safety etc.

    Please do ask us. We currently have 6 houses rented for longer stays.

    Please email us your requirements and make sure you add how many people will stay, pets, why you’re looking to rent, and an approximate budget would really help us too.

    Pls email us at hello@newforestescapes.com