Green Travel Trends – Are you delivering the new luxury?

For a long time, luxury has been measured against a set of 1980's ideals. Post-pandemic, people have learnt to live slower, in a more considered fashion, the general trend in travel consumption is much much greener...



Recent studies are finding that:

  1. 71 % of travellers state they want to travel to be more sustainably in the future.

  2. 73% of people would be more likely to choose an accommodation if it has implemented sustainability practices.

  3. 73% of people want to have authentic experiences relative of the local culture when they travel.

  4. 85% of UK travellers want to reduce general waste on future trips.

  5. 69% of people are committed to reducing the carbon footprint of their trip or pay to offset this



The top priorities in travellers’ everyday lives are now shown to include:

  1. Recycling – 49% of people studied

  2. Reducing food waste – 42% of people studied

  3. Avoiding driving or using public transport by walking or cycling short distances – 34% of people studied

  4. Avoiding single-use plastic – 33% of people studied

Though the biggest impact concerns for travelers were found to be excess waste (e.g. single use plastics) & threats to local wildlife and natural habitats.

The statistics are compelling. Furthermore, there is a much greater focus on local communities. Through the BCorp Accreditation process we were thoroughly investigated for how much we choose to spend locally. With no trying, our spending is 49% local in the New Forest area.

    • More than half of travellers want to see how their money is going back into the local community.
    • 53% of global travellers are willing to pay more for products that demonstrate environmental responsibility – 13% more than a year ago.
    • More than half of travellers say that sustainability has some or a lot of influence on their eating habits. That means, for example, reducing red meat, which has a huge carbon footprint, and serving more plant-based and foods from local farms. From EHL Insights
The takeaway? Think: Sustainable, Ethical, Local, Considered, Transparent.
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