Hosts Fire Safety Update September 2023

! 21 September 2023 – NEWS – Hosts update

New Fire Regulations for small paying guest accommodation (sleeps up to 10 people) are being updated and will be enforced from 1st October 2023 onwards.


Regulations have always been in place to promote the safety of all guests, property teams and owners through Fire Risk Assessments by a Responsible Person.


A review has now been done by the Government and in essence it has updated the fire regulations and rules plus made it mandatory that all accommodation in this sector have a fire risk assessment (Fire risk assessment-example self catering) – we have always provided templates for this to you, so you should have one of these already.
But, as a business we have made the decision to request ALL our owners now get a professional Fire Risk Assessor to do their Fire and Safety Risk Assessment. The rules and regulations are very specific, very long and for the safety of our guests and for the protection of our owners we feel this is the right decision going forward.


An average 4 bedroom property costs approx. £300-500 for a full Assessment with all relevant accompanying documents and is very comprehensive.


We recommend : FRA South on 01202 520234 or [email protected]
Useful links to help you on your way to being Fire Safety ready for guests are here:


PASC has dedicated a huge amount of time to supporting the self catering industry and their information page, templates, downloads and webinars are very comprehensive‚ÄĚ


Official Notices:
“Update Fire Safety Guidance from the UK Government”


“A Guide to making your small paying guest accommodation safe from fire”


What you need to do:

  1. 1.Ensure you have a fire risk assessment for your property by 1st October 2023 or ASAP

2.Demonstrate you are taking action to make the new regulations and rules relevant to your property e.g. you have booked in a risk assessor and or are waiting for works to be done to upgrade your fire safety.

In essence you must show you are working towards making your property adhere to the new rules.

For any NFE owners unsure of their obligations then please call the office and Jane would be happy to chat.

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