Investing in a holiday let

We’re always happy to give advice about second homes or investment properties in the New Forest. Whether over the phone whilst looking at a Rightmove listing, or in-person viewing your home or new investment- we offer sound and experienced advice that takes both your budget, and your individual needs, into consideration. For a quick insight, our MD, Jane, summarises what to look out for below…




Buying a property

Property has always been deemed to be a good option for investing in your future – whichever generation you are in. Couple that with long term appreciation of such an asset and it’s a win-win for most!

Do your homework

Knowing your market is key, and crucial to what type of property you should invest in. We recommend researching areas as the first port of call- what does this location offer holiday makers, and who visits… are they couples/families etc? Knowing who your target audience are ensures you’ll be on the right track by looking for the right qualities in a property.


Whatever your budget, there is a property investment to-suit (within reason). Having the biggest budget doesn’t always mean the best returns but there are features and qualities that will really help to maximise revenue. We’ll work with our potential owners to advise on what sells best in the New Forest area.

Tax know-how

A good accountant is key to setting up your property in the most tax efficient way. You need to know all the ins and outs in how to maximise your investment from how you invest and own it, to the everyday running of it. Do this right at the start and you will give your property the best opportunity for maximum returns.

Great returns

Often holiday let earnings can well exceed that of long term rental properties, as they offer a way to maximise earning potential based on tourism and high seasons. Holiday cottages should also be easy to keep in tip top condition when guests leave every week.

How much ROI

All holiday lets are different, and whilst we can give you an estimate of what a properties might provide (based on occupancy and bedroom numbers), ultimately we would need to see the finished article to give you a more accurate assessment.


Many of our owners use their holiday homes themselves throughout the year, which is a huge bonus when investing in a holiday cottage. To be classed as a FHL business (Furnished Holiday Let), there are a few rules to follow, but choose a letting agent that can be flexible to your needs so that you can get the most of both worlds.

For more information, please call or email our team, and we would be happy to guide you – 01590 462005   [email protected]

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