Small steps to add eco features to your holiday home

With requests for eco-focused/more sustainable holidays on the rise (stats show a 30% increase in search results and 10% booking increase), it’s time to make the change… and its not as hard as it looks! Here are our top tips for a quick and easy move to owning a more sustainable and guilt free holiday home:


1. Renewable energy supply


Most utility companies now give you the option to choose where your energy supply is coming from. Often it is just a few pounds more a month to select a renewable source, so it won’t break the bank but will help to give peace of mind.

2. Clearly label your bins

Every council is different, so guests may be confused and unsure about what to do with their rubbish. Create clear labels (try to do it in a fun way!) that make it simple for guests to work out what should go where. We have a selection of signs for our homes should you wish to use them instead of having to make your own.

3. Change your cleaning products


We have done the hard work for you, and tested most of the supermarket eco products on sale. Check out our “Cleaner Cleaning” shopping list and replace products where possible… You’ll be helping the environment, and they are safer for your property management team and guests too!

4. Install a Nest or Hive


A Nest or a Hive system gives you access to control the heating and hot water from your mobile when your property is vacant. It’s been a revelation for our holiday cottage hosts which saves money and helps the environment for a win-win.

5. Insulation is really important to stop your holiday home from ‘leaking’.

Check your loft insulation is sufficient and check your doorways for drafts. Loft insulation is not expensive, and reviewing energy efficiencies (like upgrading to thick curtains for example) with insulation can make all the difference to you heating bills over the winter months.


There are so many more ways you can help be more sustainable as a property but these are a great start, and you should feel good about implementing them as first steps towards your eco credentials! Its not only the right thing to do but it usually ends up being the right financial decision too based on feedback we have had from owners.


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