Greener Housing. Our Guide to Running your holiday home

This blog should be read in conjunction with our The Value of Green Stays blog, our Setting Up Homes blogs Part 1 and 2.


There are some big cost and emission saving wins to be had with changing practices…

Going greener with these changes will not only save money, save water pollution, save bees/bugs, save emissions, and keep your team happy… but hopefully encourage our guests to absorb some of your planet-friendly ethos too!


Reducing the chemicals you buy in. 

Use less bleach… Bleach is disastrous for the environment- we know that for many of us this has been a go-to for effective cleaning & sanitising, but there are other options that reduce to only water and ozone after 24 hours. We recommend trying DuoMax or, Tersano (who manage to turn tap water into a sanitising cleaning solution through some clever science)- Careys Manor Hotel use it to great success & say ‘it’ll save you a fortune and tick the green box’.

Go for natural window cleaning…

  • Try vinegar & newspaper instead a chemical alternative (white vinegar is economical and works well)
  • For outside windows & monthly cleans, ask your window cleaner what they can do to reduce water and chemicals for you 

Assess your laundry practices…

  • Speak to your launder about the chemicals they’re using. There are more products available now but they may not have considered them. 
  • Ask for items to be line dried when possible because tumble-dryers are shocking energy consumers. 

Buying handwash/shampoo etc in bulk

5litre drums are cost effective and easy to refill, and you can use a nice sign to explain what’s in it (some refill places can do you stickers for you too). We recommend New Milton’s Naked Pantry – they have an ace vegan café too!


We suggest leaving large areas of lawn un-mown through the year. It allows tiny voles to have a home, owls a better food source, and you’ll reduce mowing bills too.

Cut paths through the long grass and maintain those instead. Mow it all off in October just once a year – if you have to. 


When possible try to repair things rather than replacing them. Local crafts people we recommend include:

  • For upholstery & upcycling furniture – Marissa: 07535 880 465
  • For repairs & broken wooden craft items – Tony: 07986515890
  • For wooden floor treatment – Nigel: 07976 916461
  • For mower repairs/ servicing – C/Church Power Tools: 01202 473355
  • For appliance Repairs – B Wright (Neil): – 07740285322 / 01202433131 / Pete: 07976 297295 / Morgan Electrics (Fab!!): 01202 483863 / 07929 251774

Home Offices

There are many ways we can reduce etc impact of working from home. We recommend looking at this blog, but you can also use recycled paper & recycled printer cartridges as starting points.


— Can you help us with our cleaning materials study? —-

We want to share the best products with you all & many of you will already have your love/hate products. Please do email [email protected] so that we can add them in here. This will be updated monthly so we can all benefit from our group brain!

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