Sustainability in our Properties

One of our single biggest challenges is to support our owners to deliver greener properties; reducing emissions, engaging guests in the journey, innovating and future-proofing for better stays. This is no small thing.

Whilst change takes time, we can lead with research, ideas, collaboration, funding, discussion, communication and much more.

Supporting our Owners.

Our work to support owners and catalyse solutions is one of the stand-out differences between us and most other UK short term stay businesses.

For us, this is both common-sense and critical. Together we can achieve more. As an agency, it is our role to catalyse and lead change. We can use our critical mass to do much of the heavy lifting.

From researching projects to through collaborating with suppliers, academics, green-tech companies – we’re supporting our owners to stay resilient, competitive and increasingly sustainable.

Projects are agile, dynamic, collaborative and flexible. When things work they stick. If they don’t we take the learnings and try again.  We are not perfect. We are ourselves all hypocrites in many many ways. But we are trying. Join us!

Feel Good Luxe...

We believe that luxury stays can be beautiful and sustainable. Conscious luxury is achievable with care – for style, for people, for the environment – with responsible purchasing, green tech, awareness of the circular economy and taking a little more effort to go the extra mile. Nowhere is perfect, we are all learning – we’re in a revolution after all.

We have several blogs to support owners:

Part 1 – Greener Holiday Homes – The Big Wins Guide. 

Part 2 – Setting up your Greener Holiday Home – By Room – Ideas and Solutions

Eco-tech in holiday homes by local renewables expert Paul Frampton. 

Our Cleaner Cleaning Project

How can we help owners and guests and our environment benefit by removing chemicals from houses?

Chemical-filled air, mountains of plastic bottles, pollution in the water, excema on our cleaners hands. It had to stop.

In 2022 we got angry and changed things. The result is our Cleaner Cleaning Guide.

It gets ride of chemicals, significantly reduces plastic pollution, owners save money. Everyone wins.

Read more about the project, and make sure you use the free print-out too. 

Our Waste-Ed Project

How can we help owners and guests solve the waste problem? Especially when our local council doesn’t take food waste.

Our War on Waste; plastic and food waste in particular. Two of our pet hates!
We can do better.

Food waste is one of the largest causes of carbon emissions. In holiday houses, discarded food makes up 40% of black bag waste – composting isn’t a kerb-side pickup option here.

By keeping food waste out of our bins, we found that recycling rates shoot up. These are important learning for our industry.

Read our Owners Guide: 6 Steps to getting Waste-Ed.  (sorry bad pun).

Our Renaturing Gardens Project

Our partnership with the Bumblebee Conservation Trust is a joyful part of our work with owners.

Together our owners collectively look after over 200 acres of gardens. Private land can be managed for local biodiversity, better than much of our National Park.

This project helps owners know what species they already host, and how they can support pollinating insects and rare species who depend on them in the food chain.

Read more about this wonderful project here.

Our Support Local Project

Love local, buy local…..

We have developed a ‘local larder’ of discounts and offers for our owners and guests. These are companies that show best practice; they’re local and commit to low carbon and low impact.

Visit our Guest Offers page here – discounts for experiences. 


Simon Noble Bee keeper

Our Recommendations - Choosing Suppliers Matters.

We continually review our supplier recommendations, so that guests get thought-out advice on where to eat, drink & be merry during their stay.

We’re all local, so alongside our first-hand knowledge and experiences, we research and check credentials to ensure we are promoting places that share similar values with our own.

Our 'My Green Butler' project...

We are collaborating with My Green Butler to inspire hosts and guests to enjoy a “Home of the Future…  using forward-thinking technology to enable people to be cost savvy, and have fun whilst doing it…

We are thrilled to be trialling this initiative in some of our homes; and will be collating all the relevant data, so that we are ready to introduce to guests from summer ’24.

GDP of Happiness – measuring holiday happiness

New Forest Escapes have teamed up with researchers at the University of Cumbria on an innovative research project to investigate the factors affecting visitors happiness and wellbeing as a result of staying in a sustainable place.

We hope to answer questions such as ‘How much is holiday happiness to do with what the owners provide?’ ‘How much do the guests own experiences or the weather contribute?’ ‘How does a sustainable home add to guests experience of holiday happiness?’ And most importantly – ‘Can these factors help to reduce a guests climate concerns?’

View our GDP of Happiness page and changemaker interview with Dr Parapanos from the University of Cumbria.