Our To-do List

Our driving purpose is action on climate change…
All of our projects and plans aim to deliver against this goal.
This is our plan for the next 2 years. We aim to be Net Zero by 2030. 

Any project that is rated as ONGOING will run until March 2024.


BCorp Certification

Status: CompleteThe assessment helps us understand where we're strongest, where we need to improve and maps us against the UN's Sustainable Development Goals. This is important to help us work out which change projects we want to focus on.

2030 Net Zero Emissions Plan

Status: OngoingWe've already done quite a bit of initial work to understand how we fit in the broader impacts of staycation travel. Mapping our plan against science based targets is time-consuming, a learning curve, and interesting. We hope to have our full Net Zero Plan by mid autumn 2022.

Review who we recommend

STATUS: OngoingWe will continue to review and build our supplier recommendations, so that guests get the best advice on where to go to eat the best (AKA greenest) cafés, pubs and restaurants, private caterers, farm shops, etc. We recommend over £1.5 million pounds of business each year, so this is a big opportunity for positive change.Over the next 2 years we will widen our supplier reviews – up and down stream – continuing to ask for transparency in business ethics, checking for increases in their commitments and actions against climate change, and dropping those who won’t change.

Keep educating ourselves

Status: OngoingWe will continue to upskill the team to build their life skills, their knowledge about the National Park and the broader climate issues we all face. Every month we take time to learn together. Our priority is to learn about how we can deliver against our main goal - action on climate change. This could be about fragile habitats and pressures to the National Park, through our 5 main action projects; Educating Owners, War on Waste, Cleaner Cleaning, Renaturing and Greening Gardens, Suppliers and Communities.

Community Giving

Status: OngoingWe already have a considerable impact-assessed community support program. For the last 3 years we've supported Amberwood Learning CIC, an outdoor learning for children project, in the north of the New Forest, with business development and delivery skills. We also give our time and financial donations to various local charities too.We work with The Bumblebee Conservation Trust and our Renaturing and Greening Gardens Project to support pollinators is an extension to that.We also match fund our teams own giving and are going to do the New Forest Charity Marathon 5km "race" this year.


Educate Owners & Guests

Status: OngoingIn late Spring 2022, we will launch our Owner Guides for Greener Homes, to include; why it's so important now, how to best set up and run homes, a solid Quick Wins list. These will cover checking through the basics of running a green business, show where savings are to be made and opportunities are to be had.For example; local foodie welcome packs, reducing chemicals by using more natural cleaning products, composting, gardening for biodiversity, educating guests about local pressures including those for our 'silent stakeholder' the New Forest itself.

Cleaner Cleaning Project

Status: CompleteAround 1 in 8 women in Europe (including the UK) now get breast cancer. Most cleaning products include cancer-causing EDC’s, Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals which accumulate in your fatty body tissue. Our goals are for 100% of our houses to be using cleaning cleaning products by March 23 To reduce costs by 15%. To reduce packaging by 30%. To reduce waste by 30%.This project take up and training has gone very well so far and is gathering pace. This project runs until March 2024.

Renaturing Gardens Project

Status: CompleteIn Spring, we will be supporting owners to enrich garden biodiversity with specific planting advice and pollinator audits with the Bumblebee Conservation Trust. We have started our first round of garden audits and hope to onboard more owners into this fascinating project.This project runs until March 2024.

Launch War on Waste Project

Status: CompleteDid I mention that a third of our emissions in the office come from just 1 black bag and 1 recycling bag of waste. That horrified us! Then we learnt that 40% of all waste in black bags locally is food waste. Whilst the council is changing this in 2023, we want to keep those nutrients on site, and turn them into compost - reducing inputs to gardens and emissions from soil disruption.A big part of this project is to increase recycling in houses. Test and trial new signage to guests whilst keeping the holidaying spirit.Sharing the results of this project will be one of the key performance indicators. What if our little project solved the same problem for other holiday home owners? Sharing is definitely caring.We're looking forward to sharing our findings through the year. This project runs until March 2024.

Educate Dog Owners Project

Status: OngoingWith the increase of dog-walking in the National Park comes friction between dog-walkers and the birds/animals who live on the forest.We want to be part of the discussion and education around how this can improve. The situation is very serious with some species collapsing.- The NP has 130 car parks… so human (and dogs) can access everywhere. - Only 3 baby curlews survived to fledgling status in 2021. - There are 11 pairs of Dartford Warblers known to be living on the forest. - Ground-nesting birds next from Feb to end June and approx’ 65% of nesting attempts fail. - 96% of visitors travel by car. - Over 22% of all visitors to the NF (all, not just holiday visitors) come to walk dogs and live within 15 miles of the forest boundary (2018 NFA study).We want to help educate our guests in our houses and do what we can to support others to make the changes needed to protect at-risk species.

Eco Certification for Houses

Status: Ongoing63% of people would be happier if the house they stayed in was eco-certified. (Booking.com 2022, Travel stats survey)This is sub-project within our Owners Support Project. For delivery of the accreditation, we support Go New Forest, the local Tourism Association, to develop and engage with our owners for Certification in their Green Leaf Accom' Scheme. This allows owners to be supported and guests to be fully informed before they book. The systems requires transparency to gain trust. Peer reviewing is encouraged.

Advocacy - Sharing the love

STATUS: OngoingWe will continue to prioritise our advocacy work with our time and energy. In March 2022 Founder, Rachel, spoke at the Short Term Travel Association Conference in London about the opportunities the tourism to get serious about tourism.Our ultimate goal is to achieve our driving ambition - action on climate change. We love to share, helping others, buddy up with other companies to support them, collaborating to work on challenges. Bring it on!

Kickstart Regenerative Tourism

STATUS: OngoingWe want to give our guests more options around Regenerative Tourism. It's in its most formative stages in the New Forest so we are encouraging and enabling this to happen as much as we can. If you have anything to add - please email rachel@newforestescapes.com Thanks!



Status: To DoDue in March 2023. This will summarise what we've been up to for the year and is a big part of our accountability in changing things up for good. We'll be doing one every year from now on to help share our journey.If anyone reading this wants help with BCorp or just a simple chat, do contact rachel@newforestescapes.com. We are really happy to share what we've learnt and any of our documents/policies to help you on your way.


Evaluate and Evolve all Projects

Of course will review and adapt all our projects as we go along. But in early 2024 we will reassess against our Net Zero Goals and work through our next biggest area of emissions creation.Stay tuned...

A last word from Rachel P...

Whilst B Corp provide us a great framework to start with, there’s no manual for change…We recognise that, at times, we’re going to wobble and make mistakes. But we also know that, if we don’t have a go and start, that we’re going to stay part of the problem.

We hope you can join us on this interesting journey and we welcome all thoughts, ideas or feedback.




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