My Green Butler – using green-tech to reduce your utility bills.


We are collaborating with My Green Butler to inspire hosts and guests to enjoy a “Home of the Future…  using forward-thinking technology to enable people to be cost savvy, and have fun whilst doing it.

Chosen by the United Nations Environment Program’s One Planet Initiative as their leading sustainable tourism innovation (for 2 years running), My Green Butler’s system gathers information through ‘super-sensors’, taking readings every few minutes which then feeds through results to a custom iPad Smart Meter.

Run by a team of ‘virtual butlers’, this project tailors a home’s utilities set-up around the current weather- delivering results and suggestions in a positive, light-hearted and educational way. Adults and children will delight in the fun information that will help them fast-track their home money-saving for ever more. 

We are thrilled to be trialling this initiative in some of our homes, and will be collating all the relevant data, so that we are ready to introduce to guests from summer ’24…




Guests can choose to opt-in or not. Choice is critical. 

The project is an optional free add-on. Some people love the idea of reducing their impact on the environment – just like they do at home, but some may not… we feel it critical to offer people the choice. Even if guests decide not to use the butler’s suggestions, they can still view ‘Super Smart’ meter readings and exact energy costs; which we hope may encourage more savvy behaviour.

Eco-Home set ups

Our ‘My Green Butler homes’ are paving the way for future-focused stays in our eco-collection of homes. From eco-firelighters, to decent insulation & draft-proofing, right through to green cleaning, good wasting practices, and re-natured gardens, we are proud to support our owners lead the way.


Transparency is the Top Trump! 

When we can see what energy we are using, and the cost impact of it (just like the principle of a Smart Meter) we can gain a deeper learning experience from it. Kids love this approach, especially because they learn about these important green actions at school. 

Long term – we aim to offer guests the option of paying less for their house rental, and accurately paying for their utilities. Currently rental prices include utilities as an average charge, so this demotivates people from behaving like they do at home.


Who runs My Green Butler?

MGB was founded by Dr Christopher Warren PHD, who tested the system for 10 years on guests who stayed with him at this own holiday-home. It is the world’s first scientifically tested sustainable technology built to decarbonise holiday accommodation. The business has been running for several years in Australia.  MGB is endorsed by The Global Sustainable Tourism Council. 

The takeaway… MGB helps everyone save money, and understand their energy choices.

Get involved with us and you’ll be involved with serious global innovation for the future!

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