Jane Wilkinson

Jane Wilkinson - Managing Director

ambitious, inspiring, energising…

Jane is our ‘Director of Happiness’, aka Managing Director… which means she sorts out the general day to day running of the business, all the numbers, people management, Owner communication, any fire fighting and a lot of thinking about the future.

She moved to live in the Lymington area more than 10 years ago, when starting a family. She now lives in Milford on Sea which is perfect for a village vibe but still nice and close to the sea.

She’s had a long history of working in the leisure and tourism sector from a boutique luxury tour operator to a cruiseship brand, a tourist attraction company, and a Superyacht. Jane says she’s worked her way through various roles but always focused on marketing, business development and customer service. She believes firmly that the basics help you build and understand the entire process and that knowledge she says better equips you to make better decisions – whether it be for our clients, owners or team.

Her ultimate goal is for every NFE client to want to come back to us year after year because they know that by trusting us with their holiday, we really care and we always look after them.

Helping us go-green...

How do NFE’s social & environmental goals align with you & your job role?

As MD, absolutely every decision I make is underpinned by our vision to be greener and greater, and I strongly believe that transparency and integrity are key to creating long-lasting difference. From the way the team and guests travel, to the environmental resources that we offer hosts and customers, I ensure communication is open and we are all working together to implement these changes.

This is a very exciting journey, and one I am really invested in mirroring within my personal life too. We have an e-bike already in use for the team and are working with owners to implement greener cleaning, energy usage and processes into our guests’ every day holiday life!


Where is your favourite place to go in the New Forest?

For families, I love Hurst Spit. Come rain or shine, morning, noon or night, it’s a great place for a brisk walk with lots to look at. For family adventures in Keyhaven, I love taking the kids to the tiny Quay, either crabbing or in the water on paddleboards and kayaks. For some time out, I love to go there on my own to clear out my cobwebs!

Top 3 places to brunch in the New Forest?

  1. The Lighthouse in Milford
  2. The Larder in Lymington
  3. Frampton & Son’s in Ringwood

Best beach for winter wanders?

Highcliffe Castle beach is my favourite.

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