This page is for our guests who want to know more about the carbon offsetting that we offer at point of sale. 

Making a positive difference is a beautiful thing.

Most of us cannot yet reduce our carbon footprint to zero. So whilst we at NFE make headway towards that goal, it’s important to know that as we do that, we are offsetting our emissions as we go.

For that reason we also thought it would be great to allow our guests to do the same to reduce the negative impact of their travel with the touch of a button! After all – we’re here to make every part of a staycation memorable and knowing you have given back through us helps you feel good, and we like that feeling!

When you book with us you will be given the option of 3 various return travel distances – 50 miles each way, 70 miles each way and 100 miles each way.  We hope that all our guests choose the one that fits closest to their travel journey.

Offsetting travel emissions with this small payment will enable us to pay ALL the money to an energy project in rural India along with our own donations.

We know that strong communities are key to feeling supported and a good quality of life. We always look to fund projects with a strong community benefit too.

We have chosen to support Gold Standard –  they have many different projects with varying needs and ‘credits’ – once a project has filled it credit requirement we then move to another project.

In 2023 we are supporting this project here

In 2022 we supported this project here.

The specific project we support empowers families and women by giving them better access to education and training, clean water, sports, and stronger food systems. 70% of the Indian electricity system is powered by coal with renewable power generation at only 12%. They want to change this but it will take years. This funding helps accelerate that progress, moving to solar which is quick to install and they’ve got plenty of sun to use there! 

Please know that we do not keep any of the funds, but route them to our offset partner who are themselves a not-for-profit company.

This project was launched on 1st February 2023 – we will ensure you are updated of our monthly donations below to show the impact NFE and all our guests have on this special project…..

*We have based our numbers on a mid sized, petrol car with an average MPG consumption for:

50 miles / 100 miles return journey @ 0.045 tonnes of CO2e = £1.50

70 miles / 140 miles return journey @ 0.063 tonnes of CO2e = £2

100 miles / 200 miles return journey @ 0.110 tonnes of CO2e = £3