Matt Rosevare, our young wildlife photographer in residence….

One day earlier in the summer of 2018, I was out walking on Tanners Lane Beach. I spotted two chaps with a large camera photographing the water reflection on the receding tide. Never one to miss an opportunity when they walked past I made my move. The result has been a fantastic partnership between New Forest Escapes and Matt Rosevare, winner of the Young Wildlife Photographer of the Year award 2017.

Visit our You Tube channel here to see more of his videos. 

We support him financially and give him access to properties and coastlines that he couldn’t otherwise reach. So if you see some young bloke in green and tweed, crouching in a bush somewhere, it might well be Matt. 

It’s particularly satisfying for us as a business to work with someone as diligent and talented as Matt. One of the reasons that New Forest Escapes exists is to encourage more people to get out and get wild, to care for our natural world and inspire younger generations to love their National Parks. Matt’s goals are very similar.

We hope that his photography and films on our site inspire you to pick up your camera and get busy in the forest.

We took Matt to the pub and asked him a few questions…

Q1: Matt, please tell us a bit about yourself…

I’m 19 years old. Born and bred in Hampshire. I grew up just outside the New Forest and have been visiting ever since I can remember.  Having such a beautiful landscape on my doorstep has given me a profound love for the outdoors. For me nature photography is all about adventure. I never know what I’m going to find. I love the hunt for the images that take people’s breath away.

Q2:  Who were the people that most inspired you to take up nature photography?

Eric Ashby a pioneer wildlife film maker and photographer who lived in the New Forest. You could definitely see the passion and the hours that went into his work. I never thought It was possible to see fox cubs suckling from their mother or to see what badgers do inside of their set. He did a lot for wildlife in the local area and demonstrated that if you put in a little time and effort anything is possible.

Q3. What are you doing now and where are you going next?

I’m currently studying a degree in marine and natural history photography at Falmouth university. After uni I hope to pursue my passion for nature photography and filmmaking as a career. In the mean time I’m trying to do a lot more travel and next on my list is a rainforest!

Q4:    Where do you like to go in the New Forest for peace and quiet?

From its dense, wild woodland to the beautiful coastline you don’t have to travel far off the beaten track to find tranquility. I often find if you walk for 10 minutes from any car park, you will be alone and immersed in nature. If you can wake up for sunrise you will see this place in all its glory!

Q5. Who and what most inspires you in your field of interest? 

I’m most inspired by the people in conservation who give up there time to protect wild places and their inhabitants. It’s important that with photography and film we highlight these efforts to protect the natural world for years to come. When I’m out in nature especially in the New Forest you can have wildlife encounters that will stay with you for a life time. It is these moments that inspire me to get out of bed at 4:00am and want to engage and share nature with others. 

Q6. Matt what is your most profound experience in nature?

One of my most profound experiences in nature would be when I was in the Canadian rockies and was driving past an area of farm land, suddenly out of no where a coyote ran from one of the farms holding a big rooster between it jaws, with quick reactions I stopped the jeep and got a lucky shot!

Q7.  Who would you most like to sit down to supper with?

I would love to sit down for supper with David Attenbourugh and talk animals for hours, I mean who wouldn’t?!

Q8 Best tip for photographing wildlife in the New Forest?

Get up early and try to get to your location before light ready for the sunrise, this can be the most atmospheric time of day and when the wildlife is most active and the light is just right!

Winner of Young Wildlife Photographer of the Year Award 2017

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