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“The New Forest is like Narnia” says Mark Kermode

"I remember coming down to live in the New Forest and being really struck, because it is like being in Narnia."

BBC and Observer film critic Mark Kermode is our new favourite guy. Here he talks about how diverse it is and why it makes such a great location for filming.

“At first, you get that thing where you’ve gone through the wardrobe. You walk out on a winters day and there is frost on the grass. You look up and you see the incredible trees. And you think, I have literally gone to Narnia”.

“The best thing about the New Forest is that there are so many things in it.  It has breathtaking scenery. It’s got wonderful woodlands. It’s got all these different villages, each of which has a very specific character. It’s very near the sea.

It’s 1 and a half hours from London and also has the impression that in the middle of a vast, unexplored open space”.

We can’t agree with Mark more. First you’ll find open plains, huge skies and never-ending wild forests. By the coast you’ll find pretty lanes, secret coastlines and sandy beaches.

Watch Marks full interview here…

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