Saskia Robertson, illustrator and imagineer…

Saskia is a tour-de-force. And the illustrator for our new look web illustrations. After her first year of college and a short internship she decided that going back to college wasn’t for her. So at 17, she upped sticks, moved to London and taught herself illustration. She spent 6 months using all her curiosity and determination, learning creative computer programmes Illustrator and Photoshop.

It’s brave stuff and hardly what a parent would dream of for their child. No money, no formal skills, no family nearby, only 17 – but crucially, an opportunist.

She grew up on the Isle of Wight, spending summers painting with her grandmother (who lives in Lyndhurst), an artist. Not content with the tertiary education on the island, Saskia commuted to Brockenhurst College on the ferry and train. It’s one of the prettiest commutes around, but as a teen, Saskia was focused on getting an education, getting off the island and getting ahead.

Inspired by the life of Frida Kahlo, who overcame so many challenges, Saskia isn’t a girl to settle for half measures. Her self-drive and resilience were rewarded. Within her first 3 months in London, she landed an illustrating job with Bex Rocks, a small jewellery brand in London. Shortly after that at London Fashion week she got work with Majestic Disorder and contemporary fashion magazines including Noctis, Inlace and Sister. But her work in fashion reinforced her dislike for ‘fast fashion’.

Saskia says, “After working with Bex Rox for over 2 years, I learnt about and collaborated with various tribes in Malaysia, Africa, South America and the Middle East, and the ‘lost skills’ that many of those tribal cultures have. I decided to stop working with fast-fashion companies and choose to use my skills to support sustainable brands such as Mirabelle Jewellery.

I was inspired to go into business myself recently and am launching my own sustainable jewellery and lifestyle brand in 2020.”

Saskia is working with New Forest Escapes to build a new look to our brand and help communicate our brand-values visually and with a smile. We are proud to work and support her shining talent and entrepreneurial spirit.

Here is an introduction to her work for us.

With thanks to Ella Jardim for our header shot.

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