The Green Guide to Setting Up Holiday Homes Part 1 – Big Wins

Setting up with an eco-house focus doesn’t need to be daunting. We’ve done a lot of work for you. 

Ideally you’d have expensive green-tech to help keep your costs and emissions, but if not, don’t worry, you can still do MASSES whilst working out how to put that solar array on and make your own electricity! 


Here is our Big Wins guide.

Yes reduce, reuse, recycle. But in what order, and for our industry?

We’ve written this based on solid research (referenced) and listed it in priority order for effect (as of Feb 2022)



Change your energy tariff to 100% green – it will save about 40% of your emissions. 45% of people* will help and behave greener, like they do at home. Yes, your bill will go up, but hopefully not excessively. The local tourism association, Go New Forest, have an energy buyers collective. To be updated.

Look at solar/renewables. Our house Deer Lodge, run by Paul Frampton, a local renewables engineer has amazingly low energy bills with a pool and hot tub.
Read our interview here. 

Get a smart meter in for guests to watch what they’re using.


Get your drafty gaps sorted out. We use a digital thermometer to work out where the cold is getting in. You can point these things at anything and get a digital reading. The kids will love it too! It will tell you where all your heat is going, so you can deal with issues with more information.

300mm of roof insulation is best. 150mm is what most places have. Top it up. It’s not that expensive and it really helps. If you don’t want to do it our builders were excellent when we reinsulated our office roofspace. Allan Johnson Builders 07455 048 023

Control your heating from your phone

Save hassle and costs and install a NEST or similar to track and control heating options – heating an empty house for weeks to 20 deg in winter isn’t clever and will cost you!

Do the lights
Check your lights are all LED or low-energy

Smart meter
Get a smart meter, get it in the kitchen, get it set up right. Start communicating with people. Most homes have one, people expect it.

Waste – composting, reducing waste, helping guests
Over a half of NFE’s office emissions come from our 1 black bag and 1 recycling bag a week. This added up to over 7 tonnes of Carbon emissions per year. WOW! With composting and looking at our waste, our goal is to reduce this by 50% this year. Imagine what your house output is.

Guests are often appalled by this because their home councils do. Composting will help reduce ‘waste shame’ at your home, and will save you money because you won’t have to buy compost for your garden any more.

Hampshire County Council are introducing compost bins in 2023. They will remove these for free weekly, and take recycling and general waste fortnightly.

We are trialling wormeries in some houses. We have had an instant 100% success on their use in the first part of the trial. The wormers create garden compost and guests seem to love them.

A good wormery is £90, includes the worms, needs feeding once a week, and will take out 75-90% of your food/dog poo type of waste.

Ronnie at, based in Hampshire, sell the only UK made wormery! They are very very nice people and it’s a 100% UK made product. Your worm starter kit is free. Lovely! Visit our Local Larder page for a discount code.
or try composting (trickier with rats tho) – Eden Project – How to make a compost heap: 10 top tips

Get organised and buy green stuff;

Bog Roll – it’s a statement 

Whilst only 0.0003 of global trees are cut for toilet roll,  changing to eco bog roll is a bit of a red herring, but it will show, very clearly, that you are serious about green. FYI according to AimHi Climate Course, Feb 2022. 91% of deforestation is due to farming, food and, of that 70% is to feed animals we eat.

Bulk + eco toilet/kitchen rolls are handsome and eye-catching Who Gives a Crap: Also try, the less beautiful and harder to tear (we use it in the office) GoBambu

Bulk + green handwash/shampoo – there are so many lovely options now.

We use Naked Pantry in New Milton (they do a great café there too)

cleaning materials. NFE is starting a study on how to reduce chemical products and find out which eco ones work and which don’t. We’d love your input on this please. Email with your love/hate list pls!

Get local with your welcome pack and eco stuff in the house

(We’ve spoken to masses of local companies and have trade discounts for you. All local, sustainable and most products last for 6 months.

Link to our  NFE Discounts on our Local Larder.


Get water savvy 

Taps/showers have lo-flow

Set your water thermostat carefully

Collect and use rainwater in the garden

Visit Bournemouth Water who are giving away 3 water saving items for housing. Visit them here. 

And a great product here (circa £12.99) to add onto the end of your tap (no plumber needed) to reduce and aerate water flow. V clever and from a Milford On Sea chap. Visit them here. 

Calculate your carbon emissions

Work out your carbon footprint at the house. Work it out but don’t include guests travel, just your own and the things you can control.
It’s really not that hard to do. You’ll learn loads.

This carbon footprint tool is easier to understand than many.

Offset your carbon damage – it’s a start.

Use companies who are verified the credits.

We use Gold Standard as advised by our BCorp Consultant –

Expect to spend £15-20 per tonne, per year. Many projects are hugely inspiring. Do make sure you communicate this to your guests too. Add a page to the welcome pack and show the offset certificate too.