Eco-tech houses: Paul Frampton tells all

Eco-tech housing – Best practice that delivers.

Rachel went and interviewed Paul Frampton, the owner of our super popular Deer Lodge in Lymington.

Paul, who runs the family heating supplies business ‘Barry Frampton Ltd’ understands the growing need for environmental home technologies. Since 1992 they have provided heating, plumbing, renewable and electrical services.

The house is well set up with eco-tech. The goal is to reduce bills, reduce carbon footprint using the modern renewable technology. The house sleeps 8, is detached, and was renovated from an existing bungalow 10 years ago.

Deer Lodge has 1 NEST thermostat for the house heating controls. Paul controls this through the app on his phone. It’s locked so guests can’t access it and it’s set to specific temperatures. The guests call to ask for changes and Paul adjusts, which works really well.  The second NEST is for the underfloor heating set up.

When asked about air and ground source heat pumps, Paul explained that heat pump technologies aren’t designed for retrofitting in existing homes, but will be standard in new builds from 2023.


Three of the roofs have solar panels on them. There are 32 in total. Paul says, “You will hear people say they become less effective over time, but the reality is 0.07% degradation per year, so this isn’t something I worry about”.

“Cost wise, if a system costs £10,000 to install you would expect a 10% return on investment (March 2022)”.

The house also has two sets of solar hot water panels. The roof ones supplement the house water. The garden ones heat the pool and hot tub water.

The house has a 10KW battery storage system which is used for storing surplus energy in the day and delivering it back to the house at night. Whilst this allows for the house to run at nearly energy neutral, there is a bill depending on the house usage. With guests, there is a cost to buy energy through the year at circa £300 a month. The house energy supplier, Octopus, are all renewables.
There is a car charger at the house. The provider is Zappi and guests love having it there as an extra bonus. Car charging is cost-effective for the house at night when the tariff reduces from 12.30 – 4.30am. Cars can be programmed to charge at particular times. Cars charged at this time are using renewable energy that would otherwise be wasted. You can’t turn renewables off. Well, apparently you can, but it’s more expensive to do this, than to use the energy.
All lights in the house are LED low energy. All appliances are AAA+++.

Eco Tech in houses

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